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Sullivan, director of the UVA Alumni Association; George M.Cochran, Virginia House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia, Supreme Court of Virginia.

After graduation, members may opt to wear Z Society rings.

Drew Barrymore and Clooney himself offer nice support all the while, each epitomising different ends of the Chuck Barris spectrum – Barrymore, as Chuck's bubbly girlfriend Penny, is a fun-loving innocent; Clooney, as his CIA director, is aptly subtle and mysterious.

But neither of them, or anyone else involved for a matter of fact, comes even close to upstaging Rockwell, whose input is simply fantastic – there's no doubt in my mind that the Best Actor Award which, as the blurb on the DVD so proudly states, he picked up at the Berlin International Film Festival for his efforts, was well-and-truly earned.

Selection for membership is considered a high honor at the University.

The Z Society contributes significantly to the University through monetary donations, recognition events, such as a First-Year Recognition Dinner, service opportunities, encouragement letters, and major awards such as the Edgar Shannon Award, presented to one student from each school during graduation, as well as the Distinguished Faculty Award, presented to one faculty member from the University every year.

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He's had some of the pieces of the puzzle, but not all of them.

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