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Except: "The mole pig stampede (one of Yamaga's favorite scenes, and mine as well), the crazy-looking animals, and the Gainax cameos were not scripted the way they ended up, but were the results of the animators going crazy." --Ornette , 15 October 2007 (PDT) Also some from TTGL, although I'm not entirely sure they're references, the buildings hanging from the ceiling and the geofront train. --Ornette , 10 April 2008 (PDT) The Teppelin buildings and the glass floor look slightly similar.

Dunno what I should be seeing in the train pic, though.

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I can drag out my DVD-Rs and find out which one if need be.

--Reichu , 30 December 2007 (PST) That's stretching it.

Does anyone know of any other possible NGE references in FLCL?

I'm a fan of both, but don't want to put anything that only I think might be a reference.

But in any case, this is nothing a little tinkering with wording wouldn't fix. I think there were a few other possible references in that scene where Yuki explains to Kyon who she is; I think there was an infinite loop of Yukis and some white-font-on-black-background captions similar to those in Eva. Nick , 14 October 2007 (PDT) I deleted the Haruhi entry. I watched some of the clips on You Tube, and I noticed that the noise made by the railroad crossing alarms is exactly the same as heard in NGE's introspective train scenes(Whether all railroad crossing alarms sound like that in Japan beats me, however).

How about a when-in-doubt, low profile solution like this: describe such vague similarities in writing, but don't append any images.

I could see that method working with the Diebuster impalement, for example. Nick , 13 April 2008 (PDT) The train reference reminds me of the sequence in Episode 1 with Shinji and Misato riding on the train into the Geofront, among other such scenes in the series.

Not sure about the second one, but based on their uniforms, it could be some newer To Heart anime. Nick , 13 October 2007 (PDT) I got an anonymous to identify it, but no episode, so I went to the ANN link about episode 17 getting pulled because there were similarities to characters from another show, ended up being Kamen Rider or something, but the ANN forums talked about the screenshot.

Downloading episode 16 now and I'll make a clean screenshot when it's donem --Ornette , 13 October 2007 (PDT) One of the episodes parodies NGE previews, complete with the "Jikai Yokoku" BGM.

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