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Here, professional photographers and an online-dating expert reveal tips for taking pictures that’ll get you the attention you deserve.

“When the picture you post was taken from across the street or you’re a blip on your front porch, the purpose of posting it—letting people see what you look like—is defeated,” he points out.

Combined, these photos will leave little of your looks to guesswork, which puts many an online dater at ease and makes them more apt to get in touch.

To get the most flattering shot, consider these pointers: Prevent the dreaded double chin by turning your head slightly to one side, and having your photographer shoot you from a little bit above you.

For your primary photo, a headshot is great, but do include other photos that show more of what you look like.

If you only have a headshot, cautions Griffen, “It looks as if you’re hiding something.

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So, stick to solid colors that flatter your eye color or complexion, and even if you gravitate toward more neutral tones, take at least one photo in a bright color.

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