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Thanks ---------------------------------- Nintendo and Game Freak for making this game.

Island Events ---------------------------------- Island Teleporter [Press L R A](Fire Red) 7400013000FE 830050940301 7400013000FE 83005108E80D 7400013000FE 8300510A0807 7400013000FE 8300510CFE01 7400013000FE 8300510E0000 7400013000FE 830051100002 7400013000FE 830051120001 7400013000FE 82031DBCxxxx Island ID Digits: Mystery Island 8 0002 Mystery Island 9 3A02 Warp to Navel Rock [L R A](Leaf Green) 7400013000FE 830050940301 7400013000FE 530051080006 E1E7070801FE 000002000100 7400013000FE 82031DBC0002 Warp to Birth Island [L R B](Leaf Green) 7400013000FD 830050940301 7400013000FD 530051080006 E1E7070801FE 000002000100 7400013000FD 82031DBC3A02 ---------------------------------- XIX.

---------------------------------- Table of Contents ---------------------------------- I. Braven Medivh for being the code tester Fuzzymuzzy23 for the Warp to Navel Rock and Birth Island codes You for using this!

Master codes for Fire Red/Leaf Green ---------------------------------- Pokemon Fire Red 0000295F000A 101DC9D40007 830050000000 830050020000 Pokemon Leaf Green 00000554000A 101DC9B00007 830050000000 830050020000 The [M] codes below are for using with the wild Pokemon Modifier (section XIII).

***************************************************************************** Pokémon Red/Blue Pokémon List For the Game Boy Version 1.2 (Last Updated 3/19/2010) By Devin Morgan This file is Copyright (c)1999-2010 Devin Morgan. ***************************************************************************** Table of Contents 1. After a 2 year absence, I revamped and cleaned up this list, and resubmitted it to Game FAQs, so enjoy!

Item ID Codes ---------------------------------- Item Modifier ID Digits: Potion 000D Antidote 000E Burn Heal 000F Ice Heal 0010 Awakening 0011 Paralyz heal 0012 Full Restore 0013 Max Potion 0014 Hyper Potion 0015 Super Potion 0016 Full Heal 0017 Revive 0018 Max Revive 0019 Fresh Water 001A Soda Pop 001B Lemonade 001C Moo Moo Milk 001D Energy Powder 001E Energy Root 001F Heal Powder 0020 Revival Herb 0021 Ether 0022 Max Ether 0023 Elixir 0024 Max Elixir 0025 Lava Cookie 0026 Blue Flute 0027 Yellow Flute 0028 Red Flute 0029 Black Flute 002A White Flute 002B Berry Juice 002C Sacred Ash 002D Shoal Salt 002E Shoal Shell 002F Red Shard 0030 Blue Shard 0031 Yellow Shard 0032 Green Shard 0033 HP Up 003F Protein 0040 Iron 0041 Carbos 0042 Calcium 0043 Rare Candy 0044 PP Up 0045 Zinc 0046 PP Max 0047 Guard Spec 0049 Dire Hit 004A X Attack 004B X Defend 004C X Speed 004D X Accuracy 004E X Special 004F Poke Doll 0050 Fluffy Tail 0051 Fire Stone 0053 Max Repel 0054 Escape Rope 0055 Repel 0056 Sun Stone 005D Moon Stone 005E Fire Stone 005F Thunder Stone 0060 Water Stone 0061 Leaf Stone 0062 Tiny Mushroom 0067 Big Mushroom 0068 Pearl 006A Big Pearl 006B Stardust 006C Star Piece 006D Nugget 006E Heart Scale 006F Orange Mail 0079 Harbor Mail 007A Glitter Mail 007B Mech Mail 007C Wood Mail 007D Wave Mail 007E Bead Mail 007F Shadow Mail 0080 Tropic Mail 0081 Dream Mail 0082 Fab Mail 0083 Retro Mail 0084 Brightpowder 00B3 White Herb 00B4 Macho Brace 00B5 Exp Share 00B6 Quick Claw 00B7 Soothe Bell 00B8 Mental Herb 00B9 Choice Band 00BA Kings Rock 00BB Silverpowder 00BC Amulet Coin 00BD Cleanse Tag 00BE Soul Dew 00BF Deep Sea Tooth 00C0 Deep Sea Scale 00C1 Smoke Ball 00C2 Everstone 00C3 Focus Band 00C4 Lucky Egg 00C5 Scope Lens 00C6 Metal Coat 00C7 Leftovers 00C8 Dragon Scale 00C9 Light Ball 00CA Soft Sand 00CB Hard Stone 00CC Miracle Seed 00CD Black Glasses 00CE Black Belt 00CF Magnet 00D0 Mystic Water 00D1 Sharp Beak 00D2 Poison Barb 00D3 Nevermeltice 00D4 Spell Tag 00D5 Twistedspoon 00D6 Charcoal 00D7 Dragon Fang 00D8 Silk Scarf 00D9 Up-Grade 00DA Shell Bell 00DB Sea Incense 00DC Lax Incense 00DD Lucky Punch 00DE Metal Powder 00DF Thick Club 00E0 Stick 00E1 Red Scarf 00FE Blue Scarf 00FF Pink Scarf 0100 Green Scarf 0101 Yellow Scarf 0102 ---------------------------------- V. 6 Key 011C Storage Key 011D Root Fossil 011E Claw Fossil 011F Devon Scope 0120 Oak's Parcel 015D Poke Flute 015E Secret Key 015F Bike Voucher 0160 Gold Teeth 0161 Old Amber 0162 Card Key 0163 Lift Key 0164 Helix Fossil 0165 Dome Fossil 0166 Silph Scope 0167 Bicycle 0168 Town Map 0169 VS Seeker 016A Fame Checker 016B TM Case 016C Berry Pouch 016D Teachy TV 016E Tri-Pass 016F Rainbow Pass 01 Mystic Ticket 0172 Aurora Ticket 0173 Powder Jar 0174 Ruby 0175 Sapphire 0176 ---------------------------------- VII.

PC Item Slot Modifier ---------------------------------- PC Item Modifier Slot 1 82025840 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 2 82025844 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 3 82025848 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 4 8202584C xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 5 82025850 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 6 82025854 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 7 82025858 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 8 8202585C xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 9 82025860 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 10 82025864 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 11 82025868 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 12 8202586C xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 13 82025870 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 14 82025874 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 15 82025878 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 16 8202587C xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 17 82025880 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 18 82025884 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 19 82025888 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 20 8202588C xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 21 82025890 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 22 82025894 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 23 82025898 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 24 8202589C xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 25 820258A0 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 26 820258A4 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 27 820258A8 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 28 820258AC xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 29 820258B0 xxxx PC Item Modifier Slot 30 820258B4 xxxx ---------------------------------- IV.

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