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We’ve been fortunate to be around for 20 years, we’ve been able to achieve amazing things, to play wonderful concerts all around for amazing audience.

VENIA: And what exactly Franky Perez brought to the album? On the other side, if I pay attention on the album as a whole the feeling is more like you did something as Slash on his album „Apocalyptic Love“ when he found Myles Kennedy and that was it – a perfect match.You might know that with every album we wanted to challenge ourselves and kind of find new and better ways or deeper ways of using the cello and also develop as musicians and composers.So, we knew that we need that kind of a break and after that we did some collaboration with orchestra and stuff like this and when we started finally to concentrate on making new studio album it was very clear for us that we have to do it now, we realized after all that we don’t want to mess around with featuring artists or…it sounds like we lost our own identity while doing this.I have to say I love every single collaboration with all those amazing artists but it must be difficult to sometimes remember what is Apocalyptica behind all those separated radio singles, collaborations and stuff like that.

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