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Studies from other countries like the USA report essentially similar data. Growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor axis in patients with subclinical thyroid dysfunction. Of particular interest are risk factors for development of hypothyroidism. It is only in the last stage that subnormal serum T3 concentrations are found, when serum T4 has fallen to really very low values associated with markedly elevated serum TSH concentrations ( Figure 9-1. Bastenie PA, Vanhaelst L, Bonnyns M et al.: Preclinical hypothyroidism: a risk factor for coronary heart disease. Bastenie PA, Vanhaelst L, Goldstein J et al.: Asymptomatic autoimmune thyroiditis and coronary heart disease. Individual and median values of thyroid function tests in patients with various grades of hypothyroidism. Subclinical thyroid dysfunction and incident hip fracture in older adults. A figure almost identical to figure 9.2 was obtained in an Austalian study, in which the odds of hypothyroidism increased at TSH .

(Reproduced with permission) (2) Maintenance of a normal serum T3 concentration until a relatively late stage in the development of hypothyroidism obviously serves as an appropriate mechanism of the body to counteract the impact of diminishing production of T4. Subclinical hypothyroidism in a biethnic, urban community. This cookie stores just a session ID; no other information is captured.Accepting the NEJM cookie is necessary to use the website.In women survivors of the Whickham Survey, the risk of developing overt hypothyroidism was 4.3% per year if both raised serum TSH and thyroid antibodies were present initially, 2.6% per year if raised serum TSH was present alone, and 2.1% per year if thyroid antibodies were present alone . Plasma total and acylated ghrelin concentrations in patients with clinical and subclinical thyroid dysfunction. At the time of follow-up twenty years later, hypothyroidism had developed in these three groups in 55%, 33% and 27% respectively, but only in 4% if initial serum TSH was normal and thyroid antibodies were absent.

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Such cases could be labelled as peripheral (extrathyroidal) hypothyroidism. Subclinical thyroid dysfunction as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

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