Online dating over 50 tips for frugal living

We suggest that you subscribe to the Sunday edition of the newspaper. But, let's take an even closer look at these basic needs.

You can still get the items you need, but you will not be accruing interest on your purchases, and once the cash is gone, it's gone.

To find one in your area, you can visit the American Community Gardening Association at

Simply type in your zip code and the site will locate a community garden near you.8.

Financial strain can affect everything in your life, including relationships and personal well-being. Just the thought can send you scurrying back into your "spend it and forget it" mentality.

Now is the time to take control by setting your finances in order and striving to live a more frugal life. We have 10 ways that will make a difference in your life:1. But, budgeting is the number one way for you to get your finances back on track. But, to make the processes less daunting, start small and budget only a few expenses at a time.

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