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Germán decides to take Violetta away, but thanks to Angie he understands the passion of Violetta at the last minute and decides to stay in Buenos Aires, allowing Violetta to continue at Studio 21.In the end Thomas goes back to Spain as he has the opportunity to make something of his music and Ludmila makes peace with everybody (leaving doubts as to whether she really was sorry). In the second season, Violetta starts falling in love with Leon and he feels the same for her.They start to date, but Diego (Diego Domínguez), who is new at Studio 21, steals a kiss from Violetta.Ludmila continues to be an unkind and glamorous girl who does everything to get what she wants: she called in her friend since childhood to help her get rid of Violetta from the studio but she became impatient and blackmailed Diego to continue to pretend that he loves Violetta, telling him that if he will do that, she will tell him who is his father, who abandoned him is.Francesca falls in love with Marco(Xabini Ponce de Leon) after many doubts and thoughts (Diego's best friend).Ludmila starts falling in love with Federico (Ruggero Pasquarelli)and get together at the end.After the accident, they both moved to Madrid and he raised her alone, with hardly any contact with other children of her age.Germán is aware that Violetta is a very talented musician and he encourages her to take piano lessons but keeps her away from singing.

Angie fears that if she tells Violetta or Germán the truth, Germán would take Violetta away to another country, where she could never see Violetta again.Violetta Castillo is a teenage girl who is unaware of her very special talent for singing.She inherited this talent from her mom (Maria), a famous singer who died in a car accident.Germán (Diego Ramos), her dad, is a very successful man who travels a lot and loves his daughter, despite being strict and overprotective.Blinded by sadness, he decides to keep her past and her mother's fate from Violetta, worried that she might follow in her footsteps.

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