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Having found him running through the streets in his underwear, Jonny reassures Gaz as Donna had told him that she may be pregnant.Donna finds out that she got her dates mixed up and isn’t pregnant, although Gaz is bitterly disappointed as he was starting to look favourably on it as he could become responsible and stable.She thinks she has made a mistake when she finds his pornography collection but despite bitterly arguing, she and Gaz end up having sex.

Jonny convinces him to go on a date when Janet threatens to reveal that his favourite film is Titanic.However, Janet makes him realize he can do this with an adult relationship with Donna.Gaz then offers to take Donna on a date to ‘the finest drinking establishment in town’ although to Donna’s disappointment this is just having a can of lager in Gaz’s garage.Janet wants to become demure and educated and decides to try to become a student; she is invited to read at a poetry meeting by Cameron, a student friend of Louise.Jonny is totally against the idea but Janet tries to do everything she can to impress Cameron.

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