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From running to yoga to mountain biking, Adrienne’s main hobbies involve staying fit—apart from shopping, which is arguably a workout in itself.After living in the Philadelphia suburbs for about ten years, she returned to the Valley—her hometown—and discovered a new appreciation for the area.“I have complete faith that I will meet someone at the right time,” she says.Her first-date preference is to meet for a cocktail after dinner hours just to get to know each other. 32 | Bethlehem It’s about eight in the evening, and the easy-going Dr.If she’s not cooking, baking, reading, spending time with her nephews, meditating or doing yoga, Alexa is probably out sipping wine or having dinner with friends.“I love the Lehigh Valley; I’m very proud to call it home,” she says, “and I continue to meet so many amazing people.” Although, generally speaking, she doesn’t intentionally go out looking to meet other single people.She says, “I just go to places I enjoy to spend time at with my friends.” Nevertheless, she’s definitely looking for her beau.

But, in all seriousness, Alexa’s dating criteria doesn’t demand a long list of extraordinary attributes.Luke’s University Health Network after fulfilling a residency here at the Bethlehem campus, and now, he says, “I’m happy to call Bethlehem my second home.” Days off are a healthy mix between laid-back and adventurous.When he’s not catching up on sleep, at the gym, playing piano or watching football, you’ll see Luis traveling or exploring the Valley with the company of friends.She’s looking for someone with nice eyes, confidence, a sense of humor and who can hold a thought-provoking conversation.Referencing a quote from Chris Rock, she proposed that a gourmet meal with a dull, fatuous person is just a terrible meal. “A hot dog with an interesting person is an amazing meal.” Reflecting on her experience navigating the dating scene for years, she says, “Timing and communication are everything.

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