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In the painting In Erwartung (In Expectation, 2008) and Halt mich fest (Hold me Tight, 2008) we see this on the one hand in a passage enunciating friendship and love that is inscribed over a figure with its back to the observer.On the other, as a link between two narrative picture halves possibly conveying intimidation.Significantly, all the formal media (colour zoning, collage technique, graphic elements of the charcoal drawing as well as the free, expressive gesture and the pictorial narrative quality) have equal realms of activity and thereby seem equally weighted in our perception.Feeding from precisely this is a consistently shimmering, surreal-looking aspect of Ilana Lewitan s painting.As torn faces separated from one another, forbidden to speak by a black banner and whom we can only partially glimpse.The great grandmother s gravestone to the left of this, vanishing in a nebulous gesture.

Zweifelsfrei: Die Kunst von Ilana Lewitan ist eine höchst komplexe, hoch spannende Welt der rätselhaften Chiffren und Bedeutungsträger, der sinnlichen Farbklänge und Farbzonen.

In the painting Welch ein ergreifender Gedanke (What a Gripping Thought, 2007) this pictorial idea is literally picked up on by a strange hand-like being while the piece Aneinander Verbunden (Mutually Intertwined, 2008) has contorted the hand metaphor, the fingers, into the grotesque: into fossilised lumps that do not quite reach, missing each other in an opaque frame.

It is instructive here to realise that Ilana Lewitan frequently incorporates handwriting and text excerpts into her abstract imagery.

To be interpreted as the compassion, as the unspoken link to each other and the unspeakable that dawns in present times in chimeric silhouette.

In the Here and Now in this so very inconceivable, quite surreal visual reality.

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Thus, very much in the spirit of encounters, of meeting.

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