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He sketches the constant financial struggles of adventurers like him along with central beliefs, ideas, and conflicts of the Enlightenment.

Thus, though Casanova is mostly known as an inveterate lover, the diversity of his passions and talents is mind-boggling.

He was a financial whiz who helped Louis XV fill up the royal coffers through lottery, a con man who extracted a fortune from a rich marquise adept at alchemy, a mathematician who attempted the long sought (but impossible) “calculation of doubling cubes,” an accomplished poet who translated the “Iliad” into Italian verse, a skilled writer who in one night penned an entire comedy without the sound “r” for an attractive actress with a speech impediment.

He was the only prisoner who ever escaped from the notorious Venetian prison “The Leads.” Of course, he made the account of his flight into a narrative so enthralling that it opened to him the most exclusive Parisian salons.

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His reputation rests less on the number—impressive as it may be—of liaisons that he recounts than on their details: the encounter, the courtship, the gradual building of mutual attraction, her wit and her personality, his seductive storytelling blended with erotic innuendos, and finally the lovemaking that both enjoy with abandon. During his stay in London, feeling lonely in a city where he hardly knew anyone and didn’t speak the language, he placed an ad in his window looking to sublet an inexpensive apartment in his house to a young lady—provided she spoke Italian, received no male visitors, and kept him company at the dinner table.

He first saw Henriette when she was travelling with an army officer and disguised as a man, though everyone could tell that she was a beautiful woman. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Hotel Fineso Budva offre una navetta da e per l'aeroporto (24 ore su 24).Valentine’s Day 2016 is an auspicious moment to reconsider what we know about it.In 2010, the manuscript of Casanova’s “History of My Life” was acquired by the French National Library and became accessible to the public as part of Francophone cultural and historical heritage.

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Indeed, he believed that both sexes could and should equally delight in erotic pleasure—and even wrote a proto-feminist treatise on women’s physiology and education—which made him unusual for his time. He respected female intelligence and wanted talk and company as well as sex.

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