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Many Western economies - such as Britain - have benefited hugely from the showbusiness and music sector.It generates huge amounts of money and provides significant opportunities to work.He is a true pioneer, as this was the first time African music had been organised so people could come and see it outside of its usual environment.And Kouyaté started doing this during the Fifties, before all these African states became independent. And all of those who came to see the ballet took something away from the experience, taking these memories and inspiration back home to their own villages, towns and countries. Her life has been so important in the story of African music.It doesn't matter if your voice is not the finest; everyone is involved.Musicians are respected, but only in the context that the music itself belongs to the community - not to the person who is playing an instrument or singing a song.

La date limite de soumission est fixée au 15 février pour les films d'école, au 1er mars pour les courts mét...

Les dates du Festival de Cannes 2018 Officiel En 2018, pour sa 71e édition, le Festival de Cannes aura lieu du mardi 8 au samedi 19 mai.

Il commencera un jour plus tôt mais aura une durée identique aux années précédentes.

Everything is linked to the communities themselves.

One fashion designer who has developed this is Oumou Sy from Senegal, who travels the world presenting her collections.

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