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For some reason, most of the Dresden studios chose to hide the factory marks.Found on this child's tea set, now in my private collection. It came down through her family to her from her great grandmother who was born in 1888, apparently in America.Tradition, craftmanship and innovation have been united in a blend of old and new to make Royal Copenhagen one of the world’s most successful producers of fine dinnerware and collectable art.Their Blue Fluted patterns are the epitome of fine porcelain and it has been given this name because the surface is fluted like a mussel shell.Please remember that all of our items are Antique and Vintage and may or may not have the usual minimal utensil marks or slight wear from normal use.Anything of significance is duly noted in our descriptions and photographed if possible.

The gold blot is covering up the mark of the factory that produced the undecorated pieces.Sleek lines, innovative use of materials, and streamlined design are typical of the wares created and reflect the Danish Modern style popularized in the 50s and 60s.Some other famous Danish design studios for pottery and creramics are Saxbo, Hjorth, Bing & Grondal, Nymolle and Palshus.hotographs in this table of marks, unless otherwise noted, are those that were made by us from actual pieces we currently own or have owned in the past; this table also includes photographs that have been contributed to us by our many viewers.By your submission, you are granting us permission to publish your pictures, information, and questions should we so choose and as we so choose, whether in this format or other published formats by Sharon Dickinson, unless you state otherwise at the time of your submission.

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