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Armed with the dream and keen desire to spread the true and everlasting gospel of Christ based on the Bible, Bro. Soriano was first heard over the television through the program Ang Dating Daan in February 1983.Without him meaning to, the flagship television program has become the independent religious force to reckon with in the network-dominated television industry for over 15 years now.The evangelist is now based overseas in accordance with his antipodal direction of preaching.In an eight-page decision penned by Josephine Zarate Fernandez, Presiding Judge of the Regional Trial Court, Fourth Judicial Region, Branch 76 of San Mateo Rizal, TV Broadcaster Eliseo F. The order signed on January 14, 2014 said that malice was not proven beyond reasonable doubt.As alleged by Witness Rolando Ocampo, this Bernardo Santiago, a companion of private complainant Dr. Cayao and Santiago incidentally are excommunicated members of Ang Dating Daan.

Samantalang kahit na bata pag may nagawang kasalanan unang-una na nating ginagawa diyan tanungin siya, ah totoo ba iyong nagawa mo?

Alberto Jimenez and his wife who belonged to the congregation of the Ang Dating Daan. Soriano and his co-hosts in UNTV, after denying the allegation of the Iglesia ni Cristo that they were selling goods inside four church locales, were discussing the Supreme Court decision in People vs. Paneda of the Regional Trial Court, Branch 220 of the National Capital Judicial Region of Quezon City, Bro.

With them was Bernardo Santiago, one excommunicated by Soriano for adultery and then became a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo. Eliseo Soriano and his co-hosts at UNTV37 were acquitted of the crime of libel even when they were calling the chapel of the Iglesia ni Cristo, “killing fields” and “katayan.” Comments are considered privileged communication when the subject in question is a public figure whose calling gives the public a legitimate interest in its doings, the decision said.

It will now provide a wealth of updated information and news on Bro.

Eli’s worldwide programming not just on TV, but also on the web.”The new program site of the Ang Dating Daan will provide a new layout as well as a new and enhanced structure that is both dynamic and flexible.

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